“The teachers are all so wonderful”

My son started in the 2s program and now he is in the 4s program. He loves it there and never wants to come home! The teachers are all so wonderful and go above and beyond. I'm so glad I chose Saugatuck Nursery School -- I will miss them all so much next year when my son starts kindergarten!

— Kasey Poserina

“My daughter has done beautifully”

My daughter has done beautifully - her teachers work with the whole class on cognitive development, physical activity and play outside, and provide opportunities for reading, art and music. As an educator who has worked with students of various ages and academic backgrounds, I am thrilled that she has such a wonderful learning environment at a beautiful school!

— Annick Winokur

Hello, I realized this morning that it will be 50 years ago in September that I started at this school at the age of three. I was the very first child to be enrolled (my dad always said that I was the oldest living alumae). I went on to Kindergarten at Saugatuck Elementary School the following year and stayed in the Westport School system until I graduated from Staples. I studied Neuroscience and Music at Mount Holyoke College. I live near Boston now and am an Associate Director of Statistical Programming at Prometrika in Cambridge, analyzing patient data for Clinical Drug Trials. I am very happy to see that the school is thriving and thankful for the wonderful start I had there. After my evaluation at Saugatuck to start Kindergarten at the age of 4, the proctor exclaimed to my mother, "She is sooo ready!!!" and I am sure that my year at Saugatuck Nursery School was instrumental in that. 

- Susan Mutter Boquist

Saugatuck Nursery School is a remarkable school. As a child's first step into education, there is nothing more a parent could ask for. The teachers, and director, are experienced, creative and a delight to work with. My son has simply blossomed under their guidance. This play-based program focuses on developmentally appropriate skills that many other schools rush through--social, emotional, gross and fine motor, and more. I delight in how my son comes home--smiling, laughing and covered in paint! At SNS, children are able to PLAY. Play is how children discover their world and a lack of play in the early years is a detriment to a child's educational journey. The teachers at Saugatuck Nursery School love and care for each child. They create a warm, comfortable environment that encourages children to try, to make mistakes, and to try again. There is nothing more that we could want in a school and we are so fortunate to be a part of this nurturing community.

Moira Geraghty Schneider

“We've had a great experience”

We've had a great experience at the school. My daughter is in the 2's program. She loves all the hands on activities. They do a great job at teaching kids independence.

— Dana Rossi

“A truly wonderful pre-school”

A truly wonderful pre-school, each of my three children that have been enrolled here have thrived in the SNS environment. First rate teachers and Director who truly care about the children, ensure a learning environment that each of my children has loved being immersed in. A wonderful school!

— a parent

We are so proud to send our son to Saugatuck Nursery School. He is happy, safe, and we trust his teachers completely. We know that he is starting his educational journey in a place that fosters play, creativity, imagination and a love of learning. The teachers are experienced and bring all of their knowledge into the classroom to create a curriculum that is age /developmentally appropriate, fun and engaging. Our son has grown so much under their care and we are proud to be a part of this enriching and warm community.

— a parent

We're so happy to be sending our son to SNS. He has had a wonderful experience with the other kids and the teachers there. They have really helped him grow and develop. He loves the routine of school, plus the fabulous enrichment activities they provide, from music to science. The school, recently redone, is beautiful, and the playground under the trees is picturesque and lovely. We have nothing but praise for the hard working staff.

— Lelah B.