Our Teaching Philosophy

At SNS we believe in using the Project Approach when planning lessons and implementing them. This approach is childcentered and teacher-framed. Ideas for study are found in the child’s home, school and community. The project is an in-depth study of a topic worthy of investigation that is found in the students’ immediate environment. The project is specific to different groups of children and their interests. Collaborative construction and cooperation with peers is a key element.

The teachers serve as a resource for materials, support and a facilitator as children access and learn new information. Topic studies follow a sequence that begins with teacher observation, introducing children to a topic through displays, conversations, books and/or learning experiences.

Project work is rich with opportunities for learning and meet the areas of The Connecticut Early Learning Development Standards. The areas of literacy and language, mathematics, science, social studies, cognition, motor and creative skills are embedded in meaningful applications.

Documentation by way of photos and work samples of learning are shared with families on documentation boards. A close partnership with families and the community support learning.