Children attending the Full Day Program at Saugatuck Nursery School have a quiet rest time after lunch and story.

They rest on individual cots, using their own blanket and soft toy while listening to soothing music.

By 3:30 all children are in the purple room, for snack, and depending on the season and weather, outside time where large muscle development is fostered.

Nature is constantly observed.

Parents pick up children anywhere between 3:30 and 6:00 p.m.

All activities are planned with individual needs in mind in addition to developmental levels.

Open-ended questions are used to develop positive self images as well as reasoning ability.

Teachers create an over all plan during teachers’ week at the end of August. Each month the teachers have planning time to fine-tune the next month’s plans according to class needs and goals.

Both outside and indoor play are incorporated into the program.

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