Since its founding in 1968 from the inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of racial peace, the school has provided the opportunity for children of different backgrounds to play and learn together.  Changing family needs have prompted expanded scheduling. The diversity of programs make the school attractive to an eclectic group of families.

Saugatuck Nursery School provides a comfortable, relaxed environment where children experience carefully designed, enriching activities.  They are lovingly guided and taught by seasoned professionals, whose passion is educating young children.  

Forty-eight students, ages 2-5 attend various facets of the morning, before and after school program .  The ten month school year offers, part-time and full-time options from (7:30 a.m – 6:00 p.m.) from early September through mid-June.  Summer Camp is held for eight weeks.

SNS has a long-standing reputation of lovingly providing for each child’s needs and gifts. Each program encourages the children to develop life skills, including language, reasoning ability, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

Lessons are designed to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Open-ended questions encourage problem-solving and safe risk taking. The development of imagination and creativity is more important than the “right” answer.

Art is for the experience, not the product. Children are encouraged to enjoy the texture, color, and experimentation. Building is mainly for the experience, not the structure. The act of cooperative building is more valuable than the finished project.

A typical day’s activities are adapted to the developmental level of each child.  Realistic individual goals challenge our students to achieve his or her highest potential while increasing self-awareness, independence and a positive self-image.  Activities include music , science, dramatics, imaginative play, art, dramatics, problem-solving, storytelling, predicting, cooking, block building, outdoor play, monthly in-house and off campus field trips and weekly enrichment programs such as yoga, science, music, Zumbatonics and more. 

The goal of our play-based approach is to offer a curriculum rich in experiences that foster problem solving, development of skills and Kindergarten preparedness.  

The school is guided by a Board of Directors comprised of parent representatives from each class, alumni and interested professionals from the community. 

Saugatuck Nursery School is a non-profit, interfaith, multi-cultural school licensed under the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

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